Calderon’s team of professionals has consistently delivered exceptional intercultural brand management, strategic marketing communications, public involvement, and public relations programs that have surpassed client expectations. With over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 corporations; local, state, federal, and international governmental agencies; and non-for-profit organizations, we assist our clients with a full range of integrated marketing communications programs.

Public Relations/Public Involvement

We help you build mutually beneficial relationships between the public and your organization through traditional media, social media, and events. These tactics give your organization more credibility since the endorsement comes from an independent third party.

Target Audience Analysis

Gathering cultural intelligence through primary and secondary research is key, but the high cultural intelligence of our own team members is fundamental to understanding the emotions, wants, and needs of the target audience. This process gives us an understanding of our audience at the microlevel.

Strategic Planning

With the complete knowledge and understanding of our target audience we develop short- and long-term strategies and tactics, measure results, refine our approach, and set our clients up for long-term success.


Based on marketplace intelligence our creative team develops memorable and culturally-relevant marketing campaigns.


What we convey in our messages has a profound impact on the audience. Our messages are carefully crafted to be relevant, enduring, meaningful, and action inspiring.

Partnership Building

We link trusted voices with your brand so they can speak on your behalf and generate instant credibility. Also, our team can assist you in developing a close relationship with your target audience through our community outreach programs.

Social Media

The social media strategy and content development we implement are shareable, relevant, and multilingual to promote interaction among different ethnic groups. For our public involvement projects, we utilize the “Hub and Spokes” marketing strategy to target different communities affected by transportation or construction projects.


Our translators and interpreters do more than translations. Through their community outreach work, they provide cultural intelligence in real time, so we know when to proceed or revise our marketing approach.