We Have a Proven Track Recod

Effective Public Relations
2003 was the first year with positive media coverage for the “Cinco de Mayo” event at Civic Center Park sponsored by Coors Brewing Company. Event attendance was estimated to be a record 350,000 people. It had national and local coverage before, during, and after the event. The 2004 campaign experienced an increase in attendance to 400,000 people, making the event one of the largest Cinco de Mayo events in the country.

Powerful Advertising
In less than five months, Universal Lending’s Hispanic division became the second highest revenue producer within the company. Our radio, TV and print ads helped Universal Lending became the leader in the Hispanic market in Colorado.

Successful Community Outreach
In three months, we reached over 5,500 Hispanics and engaged 650 individuals in the decision-making process for the Commerce City Mile High Race-Track Redevelopment Project. Partnership with key community organizations and community influencers proved to be effective. First time Spanish-speaking residents were successfully engaged in the public involvement process.

Results-Oriented Product Strategies
The campaigns developed introduced US West’s new products and increased sales for other products surpassing sales goals by 56% and 67% respectively.

Experience in Construction and Transportation

Calderon has been working on construction and transportation projects for over 15 years, implementing innovative marketing programs with excellent results. Here are a few examples of our approach.

DOTI’s South Federal Boulevard Green Infrastructure Project/Design Phase

The project was located in a heavily multicultural business district. The public involvement we developed considered a variety of ethnic groups and a vocal and well-organized Vietnamese community. We established a close relationship with local community leaders and area businesses through our multilingual public engagement plan. Each information piece was designed with the multicultural audience in mind in their preferred language (English, Spanish, and Vietnamese). The public meetings, one-on-one meetings with businesses, website, project hot line, collateral materials, and marketing surveys for businesses were created based on common threads. We attended community events and festivals to engage the community in the public process. We established rapport with the community that will be useful when the construction phase starts.

CDOT I-70 East Environmental Impact Statement Project

The project has been one of CDOT’s largest and most controversial undertakings. Started in 2003, with four alternatives presented to the public in 2008, none of the alternatives garnered public support. In 2010, CDOT began an alternative modification/refinement process based on public comments. Due to lack of communication and conflicting information, an atmosphere of distrust, uncertainty, and anxiety was prevalent among the area’s residents and businesses. Calderon developed and implemented a strategic outreach plan to help CDOT build strong partnerships with the community and gain support for the project. Our work included partnership building, bilingual collateral materials development, ads, social media videos, media releases, issues management, public meeting/hearing staffing, events, festivals, and fair staffing. As a result of our outreach efforts, CDOT developed the needed trust and support. The community became an active participant in the selection and design process for the preferred alternative, and in 2016, the preferred alternative was selected and approved for construction.

DOTI Park Hill Storm Sewer Phase V Project

Project consisted of the installation of an 84” storm drainage line and a 24” sanitary sewer line along a narrow busy industrial street. The street was a single lane two-way street, which posed challenges for semi-trucks turning into businesses and for our team to minimize impacts. Our team developed an outreach plan to establish one-on-one relationships with the project area’s businesses; and created tools and timely information to support the businesses’ suppliers, clients, and employees to successfully navigate the area. The plan was developed based on the marketing survey we conducted with the affected businesses at the beginning of the project. We kept everyone informed through public meetings, an updated project website, traffic closures updates, e-mails, and continuous communication with the affected businesses. Even though the project experienced unforeseen delays, at the conclusion we received numerous e-mails thanking us for our work.

CDOT I-270 and Vasquez Interchange Planning and Environmental Linkages Study

The Project goal was to evaluate existing and future operations conditions to determine short-term and long-term improvements for the area in terms of capacity, safety, access, connectivity, and transit/pedestrian/bicycle needs. The public outreach program implemented by Calderon was instrumental in facilitating a transparent, inclusive, and accessible public involvement process. Key stakeholders were involved through interviews and Technical Working Groups, and area businesses and residents were engaged through public open houses, targeted meetings, and focus groups. The project hotline, website, boards, and flyers reached the English and Spanish speaking communities within the project area.